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Nov 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
be a bigger obstacle could be a lawsuit nudists have filed. this soon will be against the law. the san francisco board of superviseors voted to approve a ban on nudity, sponsored by scott weiner but it wasn't a slam dunk. >> we do live in a time of limited resources. when it comes to what is the best and most effective way of using those limited resources, not that endorsing nudity laws is not important but on how important it is relative to violent crime, i think that is a focus should be violent crime. >> when we start to surrender some of the basic rights... citywide, that, you know what is next? a lot of people think that that is cliche. doi ask that question. you know? what piercing? tattooing? yellow hair? or what? >> we're az9 city that believes in freedom. we have always believed in freedom z free expression. but taking your pants off in the parkt and displaying again talls to everyone, that is not free expression. >> pandemonium broke out. it's against the law to get naked in chambers but one after another, several people stripped down to protest. >> i fwhot have gotten naked
Nov 23, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> california's new law banning the sale of shark fin set to take affect january 1. some members of the chinese community aren't ready to let it go into effect without a fight. >> the practice of cutting off a shark fin then<4gÑ tossing the body back is illegal in the u.s.. there are no endangered shark species in the us us and we have strong protection measures but the law aims to reduce demand that shet tletens populations in other parts of the world. shark fin soup is a delicacy but beginning january 1 it bill prohibits the sale or possession of shark fins in california. the cna filed a lawsuit to block the bill saying the law sold to voters. >> what laws are is that you cannot hold the fin. you can hold other parts of the shark but cannot have the fin. >> today they say he is worried about the small import qlorz might go out of business now. supporters say they're trying to stop the cruel practice known as finning. the fin is removed and rest of the shark thrown in to die. he and cna say that that is the case this is not the best approach. feeling it's discrime in a tori. >> you can go to
Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
is a resource available online to parents because of the law. >> people and offenders are any and everyone in the community. so sometimes you never know. >> someone at the school aloud the 51-year-old2ás= convicted child molester to volume lun near a fund raising he venlt. the bishop of the diocese says this will never happen again. the popular parish priest left. a former student used technology to confirm her suspicion. >> this young woman went on to her phone, and saw yes, he is a sex offender. she used technology to confirm. >> few parents wanted to stop to talk about the matter. one did. cindy has three children ages five, seven, nine. >> everybody is fwork together. we're a strong community going to be looking out for one another. so, so. yes. there is no concern for me. >> the sheriff says an investigation is underway to determine whether anyone knew that a registered sex owe fwrernd was working as a volunteer. >> still to come tonight at 6:00 a couple ends up on the wrong side of the gun. but they're quick thinking saved the day. >> a moving ceremony, a tribute. two fallen politi
Nov 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
written the proceeds have to be programs that further the goals of bb 32. >> by law, money cannot be used for anything other than pollution reduction programs. the state p.u.c. is considering a proposal to return revenue to california yu kilt tilt customers. >> democrat leelandy says he will run for secretary of state. yee made at announcement on hoiz twitter and facebook pages. deborah bohan will be turned out in 2014. he says he hopes to expand the online voter8[?Ñ registration program into an online voting program. he began his career as a san francisco school board member in 1988.r$4k >> spencer is off tonight. >> several storms. >> yes. >> three storms coming our the third system developing here, we'll bring wide spread wind and rain. you can bet you're going to need umbrellas for a long stretch of time. rainfall will be heavy for morning commute on wednesday. gusty winds out of the south, 50s, 60 miles per hour along the coast. rain continues behind that system on wednesday. that is not it. there is another storm coming in friday night snoo saturday. wednesday through sunday, over
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4